True to Form: Hong Kong’s Markets in Black and White

We live in the age of the market.

The concept of the market is a part of daily discourse and political reality. It is a symbol—a country’s honest venue for recognizance. Hong Kong boasts of bustling commercial districts, and its markets expand from night-markets and street shops to chic, fancy boutique shops of worldwide names.

The markets are a photographer’s paradise with every nook and cranny splashing in color and light. In black and white, however, it still remains as powerful, but with a blotch of interest and curiosity. Their markets are about humanity, too: visitors from every area of the world; the haggling and deals; and the genuine, fresh smell of leather to the class-A, imitated works made of plastic.

Hong Kong is a majestic study of the market phenomenon.

Published by Ian Layugan

28 | happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way | beach bum | bookworm | Baguio boy | @1vanjim

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